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  Artifact Cases Portfolio : Mark Twain House and Museum  
Client: Mark Twain House and Museum
"I Have Sampled This Life"

Glass title wall entices museum goers with a welcoming view of this 1,500 square foot orientation exhibit, adjacent to Mark Twain's House, from the Great Hall. Over 100-foot long background mural showcases places where significant events in his life occurred. Passport stamp interactive creates a log of the places the visitor has visited within the exhibit. Interpretive panels give the onlookers quotations and scenes from his life and literature. Proto fabricated artifact cases which were strategically positioned in front of these specialized graphics. Proto fabricated a "Listen to it" area, where the visitors sit back and listen to his writings. Conservation cases were built from materials and finishes, consistent with Green Technology, to house personal belongings, books, and letters.

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