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  Museum Exhibit Fabrication : Energy Information Center  
Client: American Electric Power, Bridgman, Michigan
"Energy Information Center"

Proto Productions' scope of work began with exhibit conceptual design. From there we took over the tasks of project coordination with our designer, writers, and video production team. We fabricated a hands-on interactive devise for each of Seven Discovery Stations, which were built to highlight different types of electric generating facilities. As the visitors use the devices the central generator is activated. The more stations that are in use, the more active the generator becomes. Proto fabricated interpretive reading rails for the site's nature trails and the overlook of the nuclear facility.

Visitor experience was divided into five major theme areas, starting with the Hospitality and introduction to the site. Seven Discovery Stations were wind, solar, hydro, coal, gas, oil, and nuclear.

Generator exhibit has three interactives. With the Magnetism interactive, a visitor activates the custom made electromagnetic coil when the button is pressed. Hand Crank Generator interactive produces an electric current when a visitor turns the handwheel. The faster the handwheel is turned; the more electric current is created. The Conductivity interactive allows the visitor to rotate the cylinder to determine which materials allow a free flow of electrons which is the amount of voltage displayed on the meter.