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  Museum Exhibit Fabrication : Habitat Africa/Living Coast  
Client: Brookfield Zoo, Brookfield, Illinois
"Habitat Africa/Living Coast"

For over 20 years Proto has been fabricating exhibits, making interpretive signage, and engineering and constructing interactives for Brookfield Zoo. From the simple flip interactive to major exhibits, one can see our workmanship throughout the grounds.
Proto's work is prominent in most of the major exhibits, including Australia House, Fragile Kingdom, Habitat Africa, the Living Coast, and Tropic World.

Habitat Africa! - The Forest and The Savannah which include porcelain enamel signs.
In the Indian Lake Nature Trail, the outdoor interpretive graphics had to be extremely durable and resistant to abuse because of their remote location in the zoo. Proto worked closely with the staff at the zoo to engineer durable flip labels and swivel interactives that were also safe and easy to use. The photo screen-printed signs were produced using a palette of 12 colors requiring precise registration.

From the screen-printed Plaza friezes to the numerous electro-mechanical interactives in the Living Coast, the visitor is guided on an exploration of the west coast of Chile and Peru. Then on to the Swamp: Wonders of Our Wetlands, which showcases a Southern Cypress Swamp and an Illinois River scene.

Proto Productions' integral role in the renovation of Tropic World is highlighted by extremely durable interpretive signs and a wide variety of aluminum panels that were finished and printed with UV acrylic polyurethane paints and screen inks. We also engineered and produced many hands on components for the interactives, such as "Quest to Save the Earth", which  is an outdoor exhibit which offers group activities meant to inspire visitors (human primates) to make choices and take actions in their own lives that will help keep the Earth healthy for everyone. The basic exhibit was fabricated so durably, that it accommodates Earth's changing problems and new graphics have been incorporated to update the zoo's goals.