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  Museum Exhibit Fabrication : Deadly Medicine, Creating the Master Race  
Client: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
"Deadly Medicine, Creating the Master Race"

For this traveling exhibit, Proto engineered and fabricated a custom modular panel and case system. It inter-connected quickly and easily. Step by step drawings and illustrations guided the staff at each venue for their install. Graphic reproductions and integral audio-visual programs emphasized how the Nazi Regime aimed to change the genetic make-up of the population through measures known as 'racial Hygiene'. Artifact cases were fabricated to house documents and books which explore the science of genetics and eugenics, and their roles in selective genocide by the German medical and scientific communities from the early 20th century through the fall of the Nazi regime. Proto fabricated a custom made Soft-pac system used to reduce the weight, volume in the trucks, and amount of storage space needed at the venues for this 4,000 square foot traveling exhibition.