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  Museum Exhibit Fabrication : River Bend Farm  
Client: Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Uxbridge, Massachusetts
"River Bend Farm"

This 4,000 square foot exhibit required the use of exterior materials and finishes, since the building was not climate controlled. The exhibit explores the history of agriculture in the Blackstone Valley and the transformations resulting from the American Industrial Revolution. Craftsman in this valley built the first machines to successfully use water power to spin cotton in 1790, and also built the first American factory, Slater Mill. Through the use of interpretive graphics made of digital melamine, the visitor is provided with many opportunities to become more acquainted with this comprehensive story of the valley's history. Artifact mounts were fabricated to house these first machines and extensive labeling was incorporated for identification. Case bases were fabricated with concealed casters for repositioning and vitrines for protection of smaller artifacts. By 1880 the Blackstone River was considered "the hardest working river" in America.